ABC’s of zhang yixing: D for dancing

6-7/100 edits of my perfect ultimate bias

best artist of the year 2013


when hyunsik decides to be a smartass and accidentally brings back ilhoon’s memory of his traumatizing childhood x

Chanyeol has no idea what’s going on…

i’d like everyone to welcome arisa to the shawol family. she likes to eat and sleep, so she’s one of us.

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when chen asks fans to guess who says “sexy” in growl’s intro…

fan: junmyeon oppa!!!

chen: ddeng ddeng ddeng

kai: junmyeon oppa? there is no junmyeon among our members..

chen: we can let her try again! your final guess???

fan: suho oppa!!!

chen: waaahhh correct!

kai: let’s hear it!

suho: ~~~~sexy~~~~~

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Jonghyun buying their own album.

Fashionista husband wants to see his model wife on the runaway


elegant queen sooyoung receiving her ‘best k-style’ award